independent agency

independent agency
an agency of the United States government that is created by an act of Congress and is independent of the executive departments
Hypernyms: ↑agency, ↑federal agency, ↑government agency, ↑bureau, ↑office, ↑authority
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, ↑NRC, ↑Environmental Protection Agency, ↑EPA, ↑Federal Emergency Management Agency, ↑FEMA, ↑Central Intelligence Agency, ↑CIA, ↑Interstate Commerce Commission, ↑ICC, ↑National Aeronautics and Space Administration, ↑NASA, ↑National Archives and Records Administration, ↑NARA, ↑National Labor Relations Board, ↑NLRB, ↑National Science Foundation, ↑NSF, ↑Postal Rate Commission, ↑United States Postal Service, ↑US Postal Service, ↑USPS, ↑United States Postal Inspection Service, ↑US Postal Inspection Service, ↑Federal Communications Commission, ↑FCC, ↑Social Security Administration, ↑SSA, ↑United States Post Office, ↑US Post Office, ↑Post Office, ↑PO, ↑Federal Trade Commission, ↑FTC, ↑Office of Inspector General, ↑OIG, ↑General Services Administration, ↑GSA, ↑Federal Protective Service, ↑FPS, ↑Small Business Administration, ↑SBA, ↑Selective Service, ↑Selective Service System, ↑SSS, ↑Securities and Exchange Commission, ↑SEC

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